My blog is number one in Google!

 Date: September 26, 2013

Finally, when I google myself the first result is my blog.

Google Jakub Jedryszek

It is a little bit worse, when I google with Bing. The blog is on 4th position. Microsoft! Do your homework!

Bing Jakub Jedryszek

Interesting thing is that Google return 16 700 results, while Bing only 45. Is Bing producing better quality?

Of course it doesn't mean that it will be 1st (in Google) and 4th (in Bing) when you are googling. The reason of that is well known. Google and Bing adjust search results for you. Some friends of mine got my blog on 4th place, some on 1st. It's probably dependent on who likes me more :)

There is one search engine, which returns the same results for everyone: DuckDuckGo. Bad news is, that it doesn't return my blog at all.

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