IP heatmap generator

 Date: September 22, 2015

IP heatmap generator

Recently, we were looking at the error logs of the Azure Portal. One of our ideas - in order to investigate errors that were hard to diagnose - was to check in which part of the World users who get errors are located. The assumption was that people from, e.g., New Zealand might have slow connection issues (timeouts) more likely than people from USA or Europe. I couldn't find any tool that does that, so I put a simple website at ipheatmap.azurewebsites.net. The main page use geoip-lite node library to geolocate IP address. For cross-check, you go to ipheatmap.azurewebsites.net/ipinfo.html, and the IP will be located using ipinfo.io API.

Creating website + setting up deployment from github took me less than 5 minutes on Azure. I didn't have to do any special configuration to get it work. I didn't even have to leave the Azure Portal to lookup github url, because it fetches all available repos automatically after you provide your credentials. Even better: repos are sorted by creation date - thus the recently created repo (one that you would choose most likely) is on top of the list.

Source code is available on github: https://github.com/jj09/ip-heatmap-generator.

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