First year of blogging – summary

1st year stats

Today is my small anniversary: in May 31, 2013 I wrote my first blog post. Since that day I wrote 54 blog posts (this is 55th), which is 1 post per week in average. According to Google Analytics, my blog was visited by 810 users. Is it good?

When I started blogging, this blog was hosted by Now, it is on Azure. My primary domain is I have also two alternative domains:

This blog helps me to summarize stuff I am working on. Additionally, it helps me to improve my writing. I think I am less anonymous in Passionate Programmers World now. Occasionally I am finding my blog listed on some websites. My post about Multithreading in C# and Java was listed on Geek Reading.

I do not have any specific plans for the second year. I am graduating from Kansas State University in August and I am about to start a new job in September. This, along with moving to a different city will be the biggest challenge in this year.