dotNetConfPL - the second edition

 Date: October 16, 2014

dotNetConfPL - 2nd edition

The first edition of dotNetConfPL was pretty successful, and together with Michal and Pawel we decided to do a second edition. This conference is in the Polish language, which makes it unique because there is no other online conference like that in Poland.

This year's talks look promising as well. Maciej Aniserowicz prepared the second part of his talk about unit tests from the last year, Filip Wojcieszyn will talk about the hottest thing this year: Roslyn. Jakub Gutkowski prepared a talk about the cooperation of MVC on the client and server sides. Maciej Grabek proposed a talk about BDD, which is getting more and more popular in .NET World. Michał Łusiak (from tretton37) will talk about F#. This year, we have a female speaker! Barbara Fusińska will talk about Aspect-Oriented Programming. Another new thing is a non-technical talk: Patryk Góralowski prepared a talk with a mysterious title: Talent for 2 dollars!

I really can't wait! All talks sound very interesting. Remember to buy pizza and beer, and join us on On Air, this Saturday, October 18, at 3PM (UTC+01:00, Warsaw Time Zone).

Find out more about talks and speakers.

This year we have 6 ReSharper licenses, and 3 NCrunch licenses to give away. Additionally, Filip Wojcieszyn volunteered to give away one copy of his book: ASP.NET Web API 2 Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach. To join the raffle, register your attendance!

See you at the conference!

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