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 Date: May 19, 2015

A few weeks ago I blogged about voiceCmdr - library for adding voice commands to website (built on top of Web Speech API).

I put up simple website - BooksLib - a books library that allows up voting books, adding to favorites, and searching.

This application enables also voice interaction. You can check it live here (Azure) or here (Heroku).

It works in two modes:

  1. continuous - website is listening for commands continuously
  2. single - website is listening for a single command, and stops listening after receiving

You can enable one of two modes through panel on the top-right corner:

BooksLib - voice panel

Available commands:

  • Home - go to home site
  • Books - go to books site
  • Favorites - go to favorites site
  • Top 10 - go to top 10 site
  • Search [phrase] - search for given phrase (e.g. "Search JavaScript" will display all books with "JavaScript" phrase in title)
  • Favorite - add currently displayed book to favorites (can be used only when single books is displayed)

You can check how these commands were added in lines 60-85, in app.js file (only 25 lines including empty lines and brackets!).

To add voice commands to your website easily check out voiceCmdr library.

* Voice commands works only in Google Chrome - the only web browser that supports Web Speech API so far.

 Tags:  programming

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