Web Development tools you need to know by the end of 2014

 Date: December 2, 2014

npm, bower, grunt, gulp, yeoman

If you are web developer you have probably heard about some (or all) of these tools:

  • npm (Node Packaged Modules) - package manager for node.js
  • Bower - package manager for the front-end
  • Grunt - task runner for front-end
  • gulp.js - task runner created under inspiration of grunt (I blogged about gulp)
  • Yeoman - scaffolder that helps to start new projects by generating (scaffolding) files structure and content based on the best practices

You do not have to master all of them, but at least be aware of their functionality, and what they offer.

I will not dig into these tools here, because there are tons of resources online. Good point to start is Scott Allen's talk from NDC 2014: Node.JS Tools For Front-End Developers (an overview of mentioned tools), and John Papa's article: Get Up and Running With Node and Visual Studio (demo that take advantage of all tools mentioned above).

If you are interested in other web development tools, check Front-end Tooling Workflows by Addy Osmani.

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