Hidden feature of the Azure Portal: keyboard shortcuts

 Date: February 24, 2015


Last week, we released a new version of the Azure Portal (v5.0). There is a lot of improvements in the portal, but I would like to focus on particular one: the keyboard shortcuts. Check it out!

Hubs (left menu) shortcuts:

H - show startboard

N - open Notifications hub

A - open Active journeys hub [journey is the currently opened group of blades; blade is card/tab/subpage that contains some group of tiles, e.g. website properties or analytics]

/ - open Browse/Search hub

B - open Billing hub

C - open Create/New hub

Azure Portal keyboard shortcuts: hubs

Changing focus between blades shortcuts:

J - move focus to previous blade

K - move focus to next blade

F - move focus to first blade

L - move focus to last blade

Azure Portal keyboard shortcuts: blade focus

This is one of the first steps to make portal usable only with keyboard. Currently we are working on focus management (to have focus placed/restored on expected/useful items). We are planning to add more shortcuts, and keyboard shortcuts legend (available by pressing '?').

What do you think? Are you using keyboard shortcuts on other websites?

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