Applying Pomodoro Technique

 Date: June 17, 2014


Piotr Rabiniak asked question about Pomodoro Technique at .NET Developers Poland facebook group. Lot of people replied, that they are using it. So do I. Usually using my Pomidoro Windows 8 app. I don't use Pomodoro Technique everyday, but there are two main scenarios, when I find it extremely useful:

  1. At work, when I have many interesting things to check out (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc.). After first Pomodoro, I am in the flow, focused on work. Then I continue and after 4-6 pomodoros lot of things are done.
  2. At home (after work), when I want to play with some new technology or do some programming. There is also a lot of distractions, but this time it is worse. After I check all tweets, facebook, news, recent developers conferences, it is 10pm. Then I work till midnight or 1am, and do not have time to rest before the next day. For that, I created a rule: I can spend 4 pomodoros after work. No more, no less. It helps a lot! I come back home, eat dinner, start 4 pomodoros around 8pm, and at 10pm I am done. Additionally, even if it wasn't enough to accomplish everything I wanted, my excitement level for next day is higher.

For me, Pomodoro Technique is not a way for living, but sometimes is extremely helpful. The magic happens, because it is only 25 minutes. It is not a lot, but it is enough to get into the flow. And after that you can have a 5 minutes break. In my case, the hardest thing is start working. After I dive in...everything is easy :)

There are many Pomodoro apps. I use one on my iPhone and my Pomidoro app for Windows 8.

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