Hi, I am Jacob!

I work on GenAI at Meta.

In the past, I worked on Experimental Products and Facebook Marketplace Growth Team.

Before Meta, I worked for Microsoft where I helped to build the new Azure Management Portal, Azure Management Mobile App, Azure Search, and SeeingAI.

Public speaker

I occasionally speak at conferences around the World. You can find my talks here and on my youtube channel.

speaking - QCon Shanghai

OSS projects

  • IP heatmap - user’s density visualizer
  • voiceCmdr - library for adding voice commands to your website
  • Real Estate Investment Calculator - iOS and Android mobile apps for analyzing real estate investment
  • Shopping Pad - iOS and Android mobile apps for smart shopping list creation
  • Bread Crumbs - iOS and Android mobile apps for bookmarking a place and navigating to it later (built before Google Maps had that feature)
  • Desktop Watcher - a prank app for Windows: when you leave your computer unlocked, and someone moves your mouse it starts playing a scary sound xD

Sport and outdoors

I love biking and triathlons. I am an Ironman and USA Triathlon National Championships finisher. My favorite distance is the Olympic triathlon: 1.5k swim + 40k bike + 10k run.

I also enjoy hiking, skiing, soccer, martial arts and sailing.


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You can find my Open Source projects on github

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You can find more details about my work in my resume.