Windows 10

Solution for missing battery icon on Surface Book running Windows 10

Recently I got a Surface Book 2. From the beginning, my battery icon was missing, and I spent hours researching how to fix it. I didn’t even have battery show up in device manager.

To save you hours, here is the solution:

  1. Go to device manager
  2. View -> show hidden devices
    Missing battery icon on Surface Book
  3. Uninstall Surface Serial Hub Driver:
    Missing Battery Icon on Surface Book - uninstall Surface Serial Hub Driver
  4. uninstall all other devices that have warnings*
  5. reboot and wait a few minutes for missing drivers to get reinstalled

(*) – I am not 100% sure step 4 is required, but it won’t hurt and it may help.

After that you should get your battery status back:

Surface Book - battery status

It should also be visible in device manager now:

Surface Book device manager - battery status


Windows 10 on VirtualBox – resolution problem

If you are running Windows 10 on VirtualBox you may experience limited resolutions availability.

To solve this problem, you can add CustomVideoMode (VirtualBox has to be closed at this time):

.\VBoxManage.exe setextradata "VM-Name" CustomVideoMode1 1600x900x32

To confirm it is set, use getextradata command:

.\VBoxManage.exe getextradata "Win10" CustomVideoMode1

Or list all settings:

.\VBoxManage.exe getextradata "Win10" enumerate

VirtualBox commands

Remember that VirtualBox has to be closed at the time when you execute these commands. If everything went smoothly, you should see new resolution after Virtual Machine restart:

Windows 10 resolutions on VirtualBox


* This might be also an issue with other versions of Windows.