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ideone: online IDE

A few weeks ago, my friend showed me very cool thing: ideone. It is online Integrated Development Environment for many languages. Of course, it is not that big like Visual Studio, but enough for simple programs.

It is useful for me, when I am on Mac, and I want to test some C# code (but I do not have Mono installed). It might be useful for you when you are on your tablet (e.g. Surface or iPad). Moreover you can use it on your Smartphone! I tested it on my iPhone 4:

ideone on iPhone - code

ideone on iPhone - run

* Above screenshots were made on my iPhone 4.

What I really like about ideone is its UI and performance. It is designed to test small pieces of code. You can save your code pieces, share them and fork other users’ code! Additionally ideone supports many programming languages (even Ada!):

ideone - languages

In last year, Lukasz Gasior recommended online IDEs for Web Developers to test HTML/CSS/JS and collaborate. You can check them here: 10 HTML & CSS Online Code Editors for Web Developers. Most of them are not that lightweight (need to register, sometimes pay) and powerful (do not support so many languages) like ideone. However, some of you may find it useful.

If you know about other online IDEs, let me know in comments!

dotNetConfPL – online conference for .NET developers

Together with Michal Franc and Pawel Sawicz we are organizing online conference for .NET Developers: dotNetConfPL. It will take place on October 12 (3pm-10pm UTC+2), on the Internet! We have many great speakers and hot sessions.

Attendees will be able to ask questions through dotNetConfPL2013 room on JabbR.

Today, we have over 500 registered users! Additionally, during the conference we will give away 6 ReSharper licenses (thank you JetBrains).

Registration is not obligatory, but only registered users will have chance to win ReSharper licenses.

See you there!

The future of Mobile Apps

I think that in next 5 years Web Mobile apps will be more popular than classic Mobile apps we are using today.

Me, June 28, 2013

That is what happend in case of PCs. 10 years ago we were installing apps instead of just use them in the browser. Now we can edit Word documents, play games and even use IDE in Web Browser. I am not saying that it will be no classic Mobile apps at all, but e.g. apps like Calendar, gmail, Evernote, OneNote or games should be easilly accessible through Mobile Web Browser. The advantage of that would be lack of necessity to install bunch of apps.

What that means for developers? People who are currently working as Mobile Developers will need to learn Web Development. People who are currently working as Web Developers will need to learn Mobile Development. Additionally, future developers will not necessary need to know all different platforms (iOS, Android, WP), because they will be able to create apps in HTML5 and JavaScript (which should be well supported and compatible with Mobile Web Browsers in next 5 years).

This is my prediction. We’ll see what happens after 5 years.