Managing multiple accounts in Azure App

One of our top user’s feedback requests was to enable multiple account access without singing out and signing in.

It is now available on latest iOS and Android releases!

Quick overview

Azure App - Multiple Accounts

You can see all your accounts in hamburger menu. You can add new account by tapping ‘Add account’. To remove account you need to simply sign out.


First limitation (AKA caveat): when you are adding second live account you, you may run into the following screen during authentication with Active Directory:

Azure App - already signed in

This is Active Directory limitation. Just tap ‘Sign out and sign in with a different account’, and we will sign you in to another account without signing you out from another.

Second limitation: you are not able to sign in into two accounts if they are associated with one email. Yes! One email can be used to sign in to more than 1 account. If you are seeing screen similar like below during authentication this is a case:

Azure App - Multi Accounts One Email

In this situation you need to sign out, and then sign in again choosing another account.


I personally love this feature as switching between my MSDN account and work account was a pain in the past. Now it’s seamless.

We are still exploring possibility to enable users to sign in into two accounts tied to the same email. We are also looking at improvements around removing and adding accounts.

Do you have feedback? Let us know! You can ping me or our team on twitter. You can also add or vote on existing ideas at our User Voice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The future of Mobile Apps

I think that in next 5 years Web Mobile apps will be more popular than classic Mobile apps we are using today.

Me, June 28, 2013

That is what happend in case of PCs. 10 years ago we were installing apps instead of just use them in the browser. Now we can edit Word documents, play games and even use IDE in Web Browser. I am not saying that it will be no classic Mobile apps at all, but e.g. apps like Calendar, gmail, Evernote, OneNote or games should be easilly accessible through Mobile Web Browser. The advantage of that would be lack of necessity to install bunch of apps.

What that means for developers? People who are currently working as Mobile Developers will need to learn Web Development. People who are currently working as Web Developers will need to learn Mobile Development. Additionally, future developers will not necessary need to know all different platforms (iOS, Android, WP), because they will be able to create apps in HTML5 and JavaScript (which should be well supported and compatible with Mobile Web Browsers in next 5 years).

This is my prediction. We’ll see what happens after 5 years.