I created Windows app over the weekend and you will not believe what happened next


Over four years ago I created a simple Pomidoro Windows App in order to learn Windows RT app development. Yeah! Windows RT was a new thing back then! My app was a simple timer that counts down from 25 minutes to 0. It was designed to use when applying the Pomodoro Technique. I published it to Windows Store as a free app. Since then me and a few friends of mine were using it. It made it to top 600 productivity apps on Win Store.

The main purpose of creating this app was to get insight into Windows RT apps development, and experience publishing app to Windows Store.

Last year, somebody from Pomodoro Technique filed Content Infringement Complaint stating that

App name has a name including “Pomodoro Technique®” and “Pomodoro®” or significative parts or misspelling of Pomodoro and Pomodoro Technique

What that means? My app, created over the weekend, is serious competition for their app. What’s more, they removed my app from Windows Store!

good job meme

Recently, my friend Pawel Sawicz – who co-founded dotNetConfPL with me – asked me about this app. He was using it from day to day, but he got a new ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 3, and he had to install a new system. When he wanted to install my Pomidoro app from the Windows Store he couldn’t find it. He thought that the search was broken. Then he reached out to me, and I explained him the situation. Fortunately, source code is on github.

ScreenToGif – Record part of you screen and save as gif

ScreenToGif is an application that allows you to record part of your screen and save it as a gif.

It’s very handy especially if you want to demonstrate something really quick.

It is going to the list of my tools after using it for 1 time, because it’s awesome!


Spell check in SublimeText

I am working on my Master Thesis using LaTeX and SublimeText.

Today, I found out that SublimeText allows you to check spelling. To enable spell-check: click F6 or go to View->’Spell Check’.

When spell-check is enabled, it displays red squiggles below the misspelled words. By right click on misspelled word you can correct the misspellings. You can also ignore it for all other occurrences of specific word (useful e.g. for Software Projects names).

SublimeText spell check correct

The spell check is performed based on chosen language/dictionary. You get two English dictionaries (en_US and en_GB) along with SublimeText installation. You can find more dictionaries on github repository: SublimeText / Dictionaries (check readme for installation instructions). To change dictionary: go to View->Dictionary.

SublimeText spell check dictionary

SublimeText is not only lightweight IDE. It can also serve as nice text editor.

I really like SublimeText and if you are not using it so far you should try it! There is nice series of posts Sublime is Sublime. Greg Young describe how to configure and take advantage of SublimeText as .NET developer (from color schemes to run unit tests, through git integration).

ideone: online IDE

A few weeks ago, my friend showed me very cool thing: ideone. It is online Integrated Development Environment for many languages. Of course, it is not that big like Visual Studio, but enough for simple programs.

It is useful for me, when I am on Mac, and I want to test some C# code (but I do not have Mono installed). It might be useful for you when you are on your tablet (e.g. Surface or iPad). Moreover you can use it on your Smartphone! I tested it on my iPhone 4:

ideone on iPhone - code

ideone on iPhone - run

* Above screenshots were made on my iPhone 4.

What I really like about ideone is its UI and performance. It is designed to test small pieces of code. You can save your code pieces, share them and fork other users’ code! Additionally ideone supports many programming languages (even Ada!):

ideone - languages

In last year, Lukasz Gasior recommended online IDEs for Web Developers to test HTML/CSS/JS and collaborate. You can check them here: 10 HTML & CSS Online Code Editors for Web Developers. Most of them are not that lightweight (need to register, sometimes pay) and powerful (do not support so many languages) like ideone. However, some of you may find it useful.

If you know about other online IDEs, let me know in comments!

Sumatra PDF

I added new tool to my tools list: Sumatra PDF.

It is a PDF, ePub, MOBI, CHM, XPS, DjVu, CBZ, CBR reader for Windows. It detects changes in opened document automatically (e.g. when you regenerate it with LaTeX). It works nicely with SublimeText LaTeXTools plugin, which I blogged about yesterday. Sumatra PDF has very nice UI. Additionally you can view eBooks before you put them in you eBook reader (e.g.: .mobi or .epub).

Sumatra PDF is Open Source project and its code is available on Google Code.