Open Source at Microsoft and Beyond

Open Source North

Last month I had a pleasure to attend Open Source North conference in Minneapolis, MN. It was a great event with over 500 attendees and speakers from all over across the United States. I had a pleasure to meet a lot of great people, and attend a few interesting talks. I also gave a talk “Open Source and Microsoft and Beyond” where I presented a bunch of Microsoft Open Source projects (ASP.NET Core, TypeScript, Xamarin, F#), gave an insight into Azure Cloud, and showed a few non-Microsoft OSS projects created or having contributions from Microsoft employees (lodash, xUnit, Moment.js, voiceCmdr, and more).



00:00 – Intro (Age of Ascent)
04:47 – about me and what I do
08:02 – .NET Core
12:56 – ASP.NET Core
21:54 – TypeScript
29:28 – Chakra Core
31:17 – Xamarin
34:34 – Azure
35:20 – F#
40:25 – Azure Service Fabric
41:24 – Docker
42:04 – non-Microsoft technologies/products on Azure
43:33 – Azure cloud open APIs
44:18 – Microsoft Valuable Professional program
44:36 – non-Microsoft OSS projects created/maintained by Microsoft employees
46:15 – voiceCmdr
48:15 – aurelia
48:48 – contributing to Microsoft OSS projects and docs
49:40 – Azure Portal Tipes & Tricks
50:20 – UK Cycling team story
51:42 – Microsoft Cognitive Services and Seeing AI

Thunder Plains 2015

Thunder Plains 2015

Last year I had a pleasure to attend and speak at awesome Thunder Plains conference in Oklahoma City.

I presented Aurelia Framework:



I really liked this conference. Especially, because instead of having more talks that I could count, there was only 15 sessions (selected out of over 300) divided into 3 tracks. Moreover, all speakers were passionate developers, and you could feel this during their presentations.

I had a pleasure to met John-David Dalton – creator of lodash, who use to work at Microsoft for Chakra team, and now is working for Microsoft Edge team. I really enjoyed his talk on JavaScript performance. I also met Kyle Simpson – the author of You Don’t Know JS book series and awesome Pluralsight course: Advanced JavaScript. He presented inspiring keynote on choosing simplicity over easiness.

I also attended very good session – Maybe We Should Slow Down by Blaine Bublitz (author of over 400 npm packages). Blaine was convincing developers to think twice before contributing code, and publish only features they have high confidence about.

The coolest talk of the conference was JS in Near Space by Pawel Szymczykowski. I really recommend you to check it out. Pawel, together with his friends built a small space ship, powered by Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, and they are sending them into “Near Space”, up to ~100 000 ft altitude (Boeing 737 flies at <40 000 ft).

Actually, I have seen all talks (in person, or on youtube), and all of them were well prepared. There was no single talk about which I could tell that speaker was not good, or not prepared. You can check them out here:

Thunder Plains is community event organized by 3 passionates – Vance Lucas, Jesse Harlin and Amanda Harlin – who did a really good job in taking care of everything. Congrats!

.NET Rocks Podcast: Building the Azure Portal

.NET Rocks

I work on the new Azure Portal for almost two years now. Two months ago I gave a talk about this largest SPA in the World at NDC London.

In addition to my talk, I also gave an interview for .NET Rocks Podcast – Building the Azure Portal – where together with Carl and Richard we chat about different aspects of building, managing, and using this sophisticated web app:


Speech Recognition in the Browser at SeattleJS

Last month I presented how to take advantage of Speech Recognition in the Browser at SeattleJS meetup. Google Chrome is still the only one browser that supports recognizing speech with WebSpeech API, but since last month Microsoft Edge team has adding WebSpeech API in their backlog. In this session I’m showing how to use the raw, browser API, and also how to easily add voice commands to your website with my voiceCmdr library.

I also would like to mention that SeattleJS is an awesome meetup with great people. I had many interesting conversations at the after-party. If you are from the area I really recommend you to check it out!

Video from my session:

NDC London 2016 – Azure Portal and recommended talks

Last month I had a pleasure to speak about the Azure Portal architecture and Speech Recognition in the Browser at NDC London conference.

Azure Portal – the largest SPA in the World



Speech Recognition in the Browser

video coming soon…

Recommended talks

Must see:

Better single-page apps with ASP.NET MVC 6 – Steve Sanderson – how to improve performance of SPA, by running client-side JavaScript on the server
Case Studies in Terrible Testing – Todd Gardner – how to NOT test software, lessons learned on example of 5 projects
Aurelia: Next-Generation Web Apps – Rob Eisenberg – overview of the modern JavaScript Framework
Play by Play with Rob Conery, Jon Skeet and K. Scott Allen: The C# Q&A, Episode 1 Jon Skeet and Scott Allen are answering 10 StackOverflow questions about C# live on stage
50 Shades of AppSec – Troy Hunt – an overview of variety of security vulnerabilities
Azure for Developers – Scott Hanselman – nice overview of Azure
Making Hacking Child’s Play – Troy Hunt – an overview and showcase of different hacking techniques
Building awesome desktop apps using web technologies – Jonas Follesø – intro to Electron
Everything I know about computers, I learned from the movies – Mark Rendle – funny, entertaining talk about programming in the movies

Worth to see:
Under the hood of C# 6.0 – Bart De Smet – very informative deep dive into C# 6 features
What does an “Open Source Microsoft Web Platform look like?” – Scott Hanselman – why Microsoft is doing Open Source
Project Rider – Hadi Hariri – new C# IDE from JetBrains
Saying “Goodbye” to DNX and “Hello!” to the .NET Core CLI – Damian Edwards & David Fowler – instead of cross-platform CLI for ASP.NET vNext we will have cross-platform CLI for entire .NET
AngularJS & ASP.NET MVC Playing Nice – Miguel Castro – intro to developing apps with ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS
A brief history of ASP.NET: From 1.0 to 5.0 – Damian Edwards and David Fowler
ASP.NET 5 on Docker – Mark Rendle
Developing Killer Apple Watch Applications – Wei-Meng Lee – overview of developing apps for Apple Watch
Continuous Delivery of Mobile Apps – Karl Krukow
C# Language Internals – Bart De Smet – how C# language works on the IL level
Legal pitfalls for developers – Kuan Hon – law for developers in nutshell
Debugging tools for the Web – Lenard Gunda – Chrome Dev tools and Fiddler overview of features
What’s new in Security in ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 – Dominick Baier – Overview of auth with ASP.NET vNext


NDC is a great conference! I strongly recommend it to all developers. You can learn from the best industry experts, have interesting conversations with fellow developers and make new connections.

There is even unofficial NDC Song by Dylan Beattie: