I am back!

Last two months were super busy for me. The end of semester (with compilers course‘s project), applying for a PhD studies, Christmas, New Year’s eve in Poland, and a job interview. I will tell you more about all of those things later in separated posts. Maybe not all, Christmas and New Year’s eve experience I will keep for myself 🙂

I am happy that all above is accomplished and I can get back to my routine (programming, blogging, reading books and learning new things).

It is worth to summarize the last year, which was quite successful:

  1. I started Master of Science in Computer Science program at the Kansas State University.
  2. I started this blog.
  3. I created twitter account and started using it.
  4. I co-organized dotNetConfPL (with Michal Franc and Pawel Sawicz).
  5. I almost maintained 4.0 GPA (I have 3.8 for now).
  6. I applied for Microsoft Student Partner position, but Microsoft rejected me.

The main goals for this year are:

  1. Graduate with Master of Science degree from Kansas State University.
  2. Start a new job.
  3. Run dotNetConfPL 2014.

I also would like to finally attend Dev Day conference in Kraków, but I am not sure if I will be in Poland on September 26.

During ‘the break’ I came up with a lot of ideas. I have 6 drafts for blog posts, 5 topics for a blog posts on the to do list and tons of ‘new, cool things’ to check out. When you get busy, because of School, work, personal issues etc. – don’t worry. Take a break, get all of more important things done and once you get back, you will be more happy and motivated than before.

don't just wish for a great 2014, make it so

My blog is number one in Google!

Finally, when I google myself the first result is my blog.

Google Jakub Jedryszek

It is a little bit worse, when I google with Bing. The blog is on 4th position. Microsoft! Do your homework!

Bing Jakub Jedryszek

Interesting thing is that Google return 16 700 results, while Bing only 45. Is Bing producing better quality?

Of course it doesn’t mean that it will be 1st (in Google) and 4th (in Bing) when you are googling. The reason of that is well known. Google and Bing adjust search results for you. Some friends of mine got my blog on 4th place, some on 1st. It’s probably dependent on who likes me more 🙂

There is one search engine, which returns the same results for everyone: DuckDuckGo. Bad news is, that it doesn’t return my blog at all.

Tools I use everyday

I published a list of tools I use everyday. Maybe someone will find something what is useful for him, but never heard about.

I will try to keep it up to date and it will be always accessible through

Not all tools are multi-platform. For now, the list is only for Windows. Maybe sometime in the future I will publish also “Mac Specific” tools.

Hello (blog) World!

Hi All!

My name is Jakub Jedryszek. There are many reasons why I start this blog. One of them is this article. The other one is the willingness to share my thoughts with the World. Thanks to Michal Franc for a motivation 🙂

I created Hello World in couple of languages using Crayon Syntax Highlighter (code in C#, Ruby, Python, Java and C) and SyntaxHighlighter Evolved (code in PHP). Please comment which syntax highlighter are you using and why.


Console.WriteLine("Hello (blog) World!");


puts 'Hello (blog) World!'


print 'Hello (blog) World!'


System.out.println("Hello (blog) World!");


    printf("Hello (blog) World!");


<?php echo "Hello (blog) World!"; ?>

Assembler (AT&T syntax):

        .section        .rodata
        .ascii "Hello (blog) World!\n"
        .quad . -string         #Dot = 'here'
        .section        .text
        .globl _start           #Make entry point visible to linker
        movq $4, %rax           #4=write
        movq $1, %rbx           #1=stdout
        movq $string, %rcx
        movq length, %rdx
        int $0x80               #Call Operating System
        movq %rax, %rbx         #Make program return syscall exit status
        movq $1, %rax           #1=exit
        int $0x80               #Call System Again