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The best domain registrar is Google

I moved all my domains (,,





Google Domains

I wanted to move to DNSimple (like Troy Hunt and Scott Hanselman), but I have only 3 domains, and with DNSimple I would have to pay at least $64 (bronze plan = $50/year with 2 free domains + 1 domain for $14), or $80/year (with silver plan that offers up to 10 free domains). That was pretty expensive in comparison to my current price at GoDaddy $44.97 (3 x $14.99).

I started looking for other registrars and I found Google, which beats GoDaddy and DNSimple with price definitely: $12/year for domain with privacy protection (on GoDaddy and DNSimple you have to pay additional $8/year per domain).

Thus for 3 domains with privacy protection I pay $36/year. On GoDaddy I would have to pay $68.94 (almost twice as much), and on DNSimple – $88 (more than twice as much)!

A lot of people love DNSimple interface. Google Domains UI is also super simple. Try it!

For a while I was wondering, where is a catch, but I didn’t find any. This and that article confirms that Google Domains is a new serious player on the domains market.

What domain registrar are you using?

Website with speech recognition for free

A few weeks ago I blogged about voiceCmdr – library for adding voice commands to website (built on top of Web Speech API).

I put up simple website – BooksLib – a books library that allows up voting books, adding to favorites, and searching.

This application enables also voice interaction. You can check it live here (Azure) or here (Heroku).

It works in two modes:

  1. continuous – website is listening for commands continuously
  2. single – website is listening for a single command, and stops listening after receiving

You can enable one of two modes through panel on the top-right corner:

BooksLib - voice panel

Available commands:

  • Home – go to home site
  • Books – go to books site
  • Favorites – go to favorites site
  • Top 10 – go to top 10 site
  • Search [phrase] – search for given phrase (e.g. “Search JavaScript” will display all books with “JavaScript” phrase in title)
  • Favorite – add currently displayed book to favorites (can be used only when single books is displayed)

You can check how these commands were added in lines 60-85, in app.js file (only 25 lines including empty lines and brackets!).

To add voice commands to your website easily check out voiceCmdr library.

* Voice commands works only in Google Chrome – the only web browser that supports Web Speech API so far.

Building Large Scale Web Applications with TypeScript

Yesterday I had a pleasure to speak at .NET Developers Association meetup in Redmond, about building web applications with TypeScript.


0:00:00 – Intro (about me, and my work)
0:02:35 – Overview of JavaScript today
0:04:42 – voiceCmdr demo
0:06:55 – browser as a platform: rich UI experience and games (built with HTML/CSS/JS)
0:07:57 – TypeScript intro
0:09:25 – DEMO: TypeScript 101: strong typing, classes, inheritance, interfaces
0:26:15 – DEMO: Building web app with TypeScript, npm, bower, gulp, and dst
0:51:38 – ECMAScript 6
0:54:57 – DEMO: transpiling ES6 to ES5
0:57:56 – AngularJS 2
0:58:54 – DEMO: Angular 2 app written in TypeScript
1:06:08 – Angular 2 vs Aurelia
1:11:40 – FEEDBACK please!
1:12:00 – Q&A
1:20:56 – Recommended resources to get started with JavaScript and TypeScript




You can find demos from presentation on github.

You can also check out my voiceCmdr library that I blogged about a few weeks ago, and demo BooksLib website that is using it.


Thank you very much to everybody for coming. If you like (or not) my presentation please send me an email or leave a comment below. I really appreciate your feedback!